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Metkovič is commercial town located near the borders to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Metkovič has a harbor situated at river Neretva.

New part of town and industry harbor lei at right coast of river. Narrow - gauge railway to Sarajevo was opened in year 1885 and Metkovič became to be important economic part of Dalmacie. The regular gauge railway was finished in year 1966. Metkovič has route, river and railway border crossing. Ornithological museum with hundreds kinds of birds is situated at town. First information is from year 1422. Village developed at the end of 17th century when Venetians occupied part of river Neretva. Metkovič became to be border town, neighboring with Turkey. The centre of old town leis at left coast of river Neretva. Metkovič composes from stony houses (built in the Adriatic style) and narrow streets. Church of St. Ilja from year 1870 is located up the hill. River Neretva is navigable